Why Flo-Crest Equipment?

Flo-Crest Equipment has been providing reliable and high-performance engineered solutions for the operation, process measurement and control of flow, level, pressure, steam & temperature systems for over 50 years. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you have the support and reliability you deserve throughout the full life cycle of the products we supply.


We are known by our clients as a very dependable and responsive partner that supplies very reliable and high performing process equipment even for the most demanding applications.


We provide commissioning support, industry expertise, technical training (for maintenance personnel and engineers) as well as after hours emergency support for all the equipment we supply.


We take pride to ensure our clients have the best possible product for their application at a very competitive price.

Solution Driven

Flo-Crest also manufactures custom engineered solutions including prefabricated panels for batch control systems and bulk water loading systems.

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