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Senior Flexonics

Senior Flexonics

Senior Flexonics

Metal Hoses

Senior Flexonics is the leader in advanced flexible metal hose engineering.

We have an unrivaled reputation for the design, manufacture, and supply of high quality corrugated and strip-wound hose products to a broad sector of manufacturing and process industries. Experience dating back to the invention of flexible metal hose more than 100 years ago, coupled with considerable investment in plant, test facilities, and expertise, ensure products of the highest quality that meet the most stringent demands of flexibility and pressure tightness.


Expansion Joints

Senior Flexonics engineers, produces, and markets metallic, fabric, and PTFE expansion joints and is recognized as the leader in the expansion joint industry. Our leadership has been earned through consistent application of solid engineering principles, stringent quality standards, and product innovation to produce safe and reliable expansion joints for all types of piping applications.

Our skilled staff specializes in pipe motion technology and has an in-depth understanding of the critical nature of expansion joint applications. As the most experienced expansion joint manufacturer in the country, Senior Flexonics understands the demands that many customers face, and can offer solutions for pipe motion problems found in many industries.

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