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Converters of the 050 series

Easy-to-use, reliable converter of the OPTISENS 050 series for use in water applications
Integrated controller and temperature compensation
Excellent price/performance ratio

Thanks to the combination of the practical OPTISENS 1000 sensors, the OPTISENS 050 is ideally suited for a wide range of water and wastewater measurement tasks.


 AAC 050 for free chlorine and oxygen
 CAC 050 for conductivity measurements 
 IAC 050 for inductive conductivity measurements 
 PAC 050 for pH and ORP


1 input for all sensors of the OPTISENS 1000 family
1 analogue output (switchable between the measured value or continuous controllers)
Integrated controller and two limit switches and an alarm relay to activate solenoid valves, dosing pumps, etc.
Temperature compensation either manually or using temperature sensor
Simple, text-guided device operation
Excellent price/performance ratio
Optional - patented automatic sensor cleaning (ASR)

Water/wastewater industry
Power plants
Chemical industry
Paper industry
Food industry

Quality control of water/wastewater
Monitoring and control of water and wastewater disinfection
Monitoring of water treatment for boilers
Quality control of drinking water

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