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PH/ORP Probes

PH/ORP Probes

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PH/ORP Probes


High Quality and Precise Glass Electrodes for Usage in Water Analysis (pH and ORP)

High quality and precise glass electrodes of the OPTISENS PAS 1000 range for usage in water analysis
Different designs for optimum adaptation to the corresponding application
Low maintenance costs and a long life cycle

The OPTISENS 1000 pH and ORP electrode range is characterized by standardised designs, easy handling and a long life cycle. In combination with a OPTISENS 050 converter, it is possible to create extremely reliable and low-cost measurement systems, which are suitable for a wide range of water analysis measurement tasks.

Designed as combined electrodes with built-in reference electrode and available with different diaphragm materials, the PAS 1000 electrodes can be ideally adapted to the application thus also making these electrodes extremely service friendly and durable.


Suitable for connection to the OPTISENS°050 converter
Membranes made of highly sensitive special glass (pH)
Ring electrodes made of ultrapure, solid platinum (ORP)
Various diaphragm materials
Design as combined electrode with built-in reference electrode
Standardised design and connections
Optional: built-in temperature sensor

Water industry
Power plants
Food & Beverages
Metal industry and mining
Paper industry

Generally in all water applications
Monitoring and control of water neutralisation processes/disinfection
Quality control of water (including steam and cooling water)
Process control
Dosage of flocculation agents

Options and variants

OPTISENS 1000 pH electrodes
The membranes in the OPTISENS 1000 pH electrodes are manufactured using highly sensitive special glass which can be used in almost all standard water applications due to its wide temperature range. Moreover, different diaphragm materials (PTFE, ceramic) and different equipments are available such as a built-in temperature sensor (Pt100). Special versions for other measurement ranges or special operating conditions are available on request.

Available OPTISENS 1000 pH electrodes:

PAS 1000 pH combined electrode with ceramic diaphragm
PAS 1000 pH combined electrode with Teflon diaphragm
PAS 1000 pH combined electrode including Pt100

OPTISENS 1000 ORP electrodes
The ring electrodes in the OPTISENS 1000 ORP sensors are made of ultrapure platinum and are directly attached to the glass shaft of the sensor using a special process.

In addition to excellent measurement accuracy, this leads to a high chemical and mechanical resistance of the electrode and therefore to a long service life with stable measurement performance.

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