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Chlorine Measurment

Chlorine Measurment

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Chlorine Measurment


Ready-to-connect measurement system for measuring free chlorine

Complete measuring panel, preinstalled and tested, ready for connection
Automatic sensor cleaning for long lifespans
Integrated flow monitoring for high measurement reliability

In the OPTISENS AAM 1050, free chlorine is measured by a sensor with a three-electrode design, which has very long lifespans, thanks to the patented ASR cleaning system. Measurement takes place in a Plexiglas assembly, which is ideal for visual inspection and can be optionally expanded with pH measurement, in order to guarantee measurement accuracy with strongly deviating pH values.

The flow of the sample is monitored continuously during operation, in order to exclude safety-critical subresults. Additional shutoff valves and a sampling point simplify measuring point checking, maintenance and calibration.


Preinstalled and tested, ready for connection
No sample preparation or adding of reagent required
Direct measurement using innovative sensor in 3-electrode design
ASR automatic sensor cleaning
Continuous monitoring of the sample flow
Integrated sampling point for easy calibration
Integrated shutoff valves for safe maintenance of the flow assembly
Optional pH measurement as compensation for strongly deviating pH values
Optionally 2 independent P, PI, PID controller

Drinking water treatment
Water supply
Process industry
Food industry

Disinfection of clean water
Monitoring of chlorine as a growth inhibitor
Product disinfection

Options and variants

ASR Automatic sensor cleaning system
The OPTISENS AAM 1050 chlorine measurement system is equipped with patented ASR automated sensor cleaning. An electrochemical process causes outgasing on the measuring electrodes.

These can dissolve even tough coatings such as lime deposits. The ASR system considerably increases the lifespan of the OPTISENS AAM 1050, achieving high measured value reliability.

The potentiostatic chlorine sensor
The concentration of free chlorine in the sample flow is measured using a potentiostatic sensor with three gold electrode technology. This allows long lifespans and easy maintenance without the need to replace the electrolyte liquids or the membranes. 

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