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Optimass 7000 Series

Optimass 7000 Series

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Optimass 7000 Series

with single straight measuring tube   
No limits with tube materials
Titanium, Hastelloy or Stainless Steel allow straight tube metering for almost any process.

No limits with flow
With a full range of meter sizes for low and high flow.

No limits with measured product
High viscosity, particulate matter, inhomogeneous mixtures and normal entrained air have little effect on the accuracy and quality of the measurement.

No limits with installation
Support on the pipe or the meter, without the need for accurate alignment. And a complete range of process connectors for all existing and future installations.

Flow range
15 ... 430,000 kg/h (± 0.1% of measured flow rate)

Density (all sizes) 
500 ... 2000 (± 2) kg/m3
30... 125 (± 0.13) lbs /ft3
Temperature (all sizes)
-30 ...+150 (± 1)°C
-22 ...+302  (± 1.8)°F
Hastelloy + Stainless Steel:  
0 ...+100 (± 1)°C
-32 ...+210  (± 1.8) °F

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