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Optimass 1000 Series

Optimass 1000 Series

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Optimass 1000 Series

OPTIMASS 1300 - KROHNE sets new standard in the class universal mass flowmeters

KROHNE has successfully transferred the tried and true technology used in the high-end OPTIMASS 7000 to the OPTIMASS 1000 sensor, thus setting a new standard in the universal mass flowmeter class. Along with the MFC 300 converter, the OPTIMASS 1300 combines superior reliability with the ability to flexibly adapt to varying applications. The appliance, introduced at Achema, thus rounds off KROHNE's Coriolis flowmeter product family.

The OPTIMASS 1300 reliably records mass flow, density, temperature and concentration of both liquids and gases. In addition, the OPTIMASS 1000 sensor is the only mass flowmeter in its class to feature secondary containment. The straight double measuring tube is made of stainless steel as standard and features an optimized flow splitter for minimal pressure loss. This guarantees the ability to easily clean and drain the tube. Like the OPTIMASS 7000, the OPTIMASS 1000 is independent of the type of installation as well as external influences. Common process connections as well as hygienic connections are available.

The new MFC 300 converter is based on the same platform as the IFC 300 and is thus adaptable to virtually all I/O requirements and sets new standards in the area of diagnosis and process diagnosis.

The OPTIMASS 1300 also features an impressive price-performance ratio.

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